Rebirth through art

I inspire art with raindrops because each drop has as much knowledge of the
state of this world and other worlds as its molecules.
Many years ago a child was born in the cold and foggy mountains, he wandered
in those clouds for years, but unaware that the rocks under his feet prepare
him to climb the hard peaks of life.  And the white fog around him in life
was in fact the canvas of destiny to let him to create a good image in his

Throughout evolution, art has been prevalent in the lives of humans. The
importance of art to mankind is profound. I see the human soul as a
masterpiece of art and the human body as the instrument its creation. Every
moment that I spend making art is like a rebirth for me. As I immerse myself
in the process of creating and bringing my art to fruition, I feel a sense
of rejuvenation, joy and excitement. The power of art within the human race
is a real phenomenon. Hoping for a world with a yellow sun!

Allen Hamed - Rebirth through art
Allen Hamed


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